Welcome to Mahalkum

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What We Do

  • We provide our customers the best, most easy to use, most cost-effective shopping experience.
  • Customers can shop from their favourite global sites and get their items delivered to their home or nearby if preferred.
  • Items are presented in the customers preferred language regardless of online country marketplace providing a clear understandable and superior purchase experience.
  • We employ the best technology so customers get the best available global shopping choices at the lowest cost.

How It Works

Anything unclear? – see the following explanatory videos

Why Us

Mahalkum provides global shopping from your favourite online stores in the US, the UK, the UAE, Europe, Turkey and many more. Shop securely, one cart, choose, and we bring them to you.

The broadest choice of
Payment Methods

Mahalkum enables its customers to choose the payment method that works best for them. Whether the customer prefers credit card, debit card, vouchers, mobile money, cash or other Mahalkum is the online store of choice. Customers choose what is best for them and can even choose multiple methods paying for example part with voucher and part with another method.

Fast and Efficient

From order placement to delivery no effort is spared to bring you your items as soon as possible. Your order may include items for example from New York, Paris and Istanbul. Every item is express delivered. Our global operations ensure you get it everything fast and at the minimal cost.

Delivery and Service

Our Service guarantee is something we live by; a promise is just a promise untill it is delivered.

No Hidden

All items are in one basket avoiding those “surprise extras” so often added by other sites.